Recommend a Friend Scheme

In order to attract and retain high quality staff from shortage occupational groups Northern Devon Healthcare Trust have introduced the following scheme with effect from 9th January 2017.

  • A £1000 Recommend a Friend payment for existing NDHT staff that introduce an applicant for a post in a shortage occupational group* who subsequently accepts and commences employment with the Trust.

Scheme arrangements:

  • To qualify for the payment your nominator will need to declare on their application form that you have personally recommended the Trust to them as a place to work. Only one employee can be nominated per application.
  • The £1000 payment will be subject to standard deductions of Tax and NI, but will not be pensionable
  • The payment will be paid to you via Payroll in the pay run after your nominator has been employed by the Trust for 3 months.
  • To qualify you must be an existing member of staff with NDHT and must still be employed with us for the payment to be made
  • The scheme is applicable to substantive and fixed term Trust employees only

*List of Qualifying Shortage Occupational Groups (November 2016)

Occupational GroupSpecialityGrade/Band
Medical practitionersAll specialitiesAll grades
Medical radiographersHPC registered diagnostic radiographerSonographerBand 5+
Nurses ALL jobs in this occupation code with full NMC registrationBand 5+
PhysiotherapistAll specialtiesBand 5+
Occupational TherapistAll specialtiesBand 5+

Last updated: November 30, 2017