Pay rates

You will be paid at the top of your pay band when undertaking a bank shift at that pay band.

Bank Pay Rates

Current pay rates 2020 – 2021

Table 1 – Hourly Pay Rate

BandAnnualHourly (Basic)Hourly (Night/Sat)Hourly (Sun/PH)
Band 2£19,337.00£9.89£13.94£18.10
Band 3£21,142.00£10.81£14.60£18.27
Band 4£24,157.00£12.35£16.06£19.77
Band 5£30,615.00£15.66£20.35£25.05
Band 6£37,890.00£19.38£25.19£31.00
Band 7£44,503.00£22.76£29.59£36.42

Exceptionally the Clinical Matron (in-hours) or Duty Manager (out of hours) may authorise replacing a lower banded shift with a higher banded shift, if there is a service requirement for a higher banded bank worker to cover the shiftIn the event that you wanted to pick up a shift at a lower pay band then you would be paid at the top of that applicable pay band.

Last updated: July 29, 2020