Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I register to work on the Staff Bank at Northern Devon Healthcare Trust?

For existing members of staff the process for joining the bank is a quick and easy auto-registration process that just requires you to send your name, address, contact details and place of work to the NDHT Recruitment Team via  email:   telephone 01271 313938

Please note if you are already signed up with NHSP North Devon Bank you don’t need to do anything.  Your pay will be at the new hourly rates and your access to shifts is exactly the same.

From September 2016 new starters to the Trust are automatically offered the opportunity to join the Staff Bank as part of the standard recruitment process for specific occupational groups.

We will also be advertising for Staff Bank Only positions via NHS Jobs (see Staff Bank Only FAQ’s at the end of this document).

2. Do I need to register separately with NHSP?

The only thing you will need to provide NHSP is your Right to Work (RTW) documents which can be a passport or birth / marriage certificate and a completed a Flexible Worker Registration Document and New Starter Checklist. This is required by both the Home Office and the Department of Health as part of the Recruitment Guidelines. The local NHSP Team will support you with this.

3. What is Auto-Registration

Auto-Registration means that you will automatically be registered with NHSP unless you decide to opt-out. Auto-Registration allows NHSP to utilise all your pre-employment checks undertaken by the Trust (e.g. Professional Registration, Occupational Health, DBS) – which means you will not need to complete pre-employment checks again to register with NHSP and will be able to quickly start picking up shifts within a couple of days.

If you have a question about the auto registration process please contact our Local Trust Liaison Coordinator – Clare Holland on 07785 762077.

4. What happens once I am registered with NHSP?

Once you have completed Auto-Registration you will receive a Welcome e mail which includes links to Online User Guides (– Please keep an eye on you Junk Folder just in case). From this point you will be registered with NHSP and able to start viewing and booking shifts via the NHS Professionals website > Login > My Bank.

5. How long before I can start booking shifts via NHSP?

The Recruitment process for a new recruit joining the Trust takes an average of 13 weeks which includes all checks and references. The NHSP Auto Registration process takes a couple of days. You will be able to start booking shifts as soon as you receive your welcome e mail from NHSP.

6. Who do I contact if I have a question or need some support?

You will need to direct any Recruitment queries to the Trust Recruitment team who can be contacted via e mail:   telephone 01271 313938

If you have a general enquiry about working on the Staff Bank please contact the Staff Bank Manager – Lyn Green via email or via phone on 01271 313938 (extn 4238).

If you have any specific NHSP questions please contact your local Trust Liaison Coordinator – Clare Holland on 07785 762077 who will answer any questions you may have.

7. What is the difference between the Trust Bank and NHSP Bank?

There is no difference between the Trust Bank and NHSP Bank.  NHS Professionals continue to manage the Bank including day to day shift management and payroll, however the Trust are now undertaking the recruitment element.  All those already registered with NHSP do not need to do anything as their registration will continue, pay levels are exactly the same as new bank recruits, and all benefits are standard – the only difference is how you complete your registration.

8. What do the terms multi-post and bank-only mean?

Multi-post holders have a contract of employment with the Trust AND a Staff Bank contract.

Bank-only post holders are only contracted to work on the Staff Bank.

Staff Bank Only Workers

9. Do I get paid for induction and training?

Yes, you will be paid to attend Induction and your Mandatory Training, this can be booked through STAR. Your training must be up to date to continue working on the Bank.

10. How do I get my badge & uniform?

Once you have completed the NHS Employment Checks and Auto-Registration process the Trust will issue you with an ID Badge, uniform and logins to get on hospital intranet at the Trust Induction day. Yellow name badges are ordered by the staff bank manager.

11. What training do I need and how long will this take?

You will need to have completed all NHS Employment Checks which include Mandatory Training; the Trust will coordinate this as part of your recruitment and induction.

The Trust have advised the current time to recruit is an average of 13 weeks, which includes all training and checks. The Auto Registration element will take just a couple of days once you have received your Bank Contract from the Trust.

Last updated: August 29, 2019