Apprenticeship Case Study: Ruby Pickard – Rotational HCA

“My skills and knowledge from this apprenticeship have already expanded”

Once I had successfully completed my level 3 Health and Social Care at Exeter College, I made the decision to compliment my future career by applying for an apprenticeship within the NHS.

The apprenticeship I’m doing is called a Rotational HCA and this is where I work in partnership with the NHS and Devon County Council by spending 6 months in three different areas: Barnstaple Day Services, King George V Ward at North Devon District Hospital, and Woodland Vale residential home in Torrington.

I’ve always had an interest in care and so I wanted to make sure that for certain working in care was a job made for me. This apprenticeship was the ideal route to take as it means that I’m allowing myself to venture through the variety of care types and to gain plenty of experiences and opportunities. The hands-on work that’s provided is very appreciative and such a fulfilling way of learning as you’re learning amongst fully qualified professionals and real patients. Working as an apprentice means that you will find that other doors will be opening to offer you further training to work yourself up in the NHS sector.

I’m currently completing my QCF training which will help me in my future career pathway; this training is included when you apply for your apprenticeship. I’m thoroughly enjoying my work so far and I appreciate all the support which is offered by each individual I have worked with so far. My skills and knowledge from this apprenticeship have already expanded and I’ve grown in confidence from my experience, I’m sure that I will continue to grow and reach higher levels in care from the help of all that is involved in this apprenticeship.

My experience so far is enjoyable and my future is already looking brighter as I’m excited to see what I’ll be facing next in this new apprenticeship and journey.

Last updated: March 1, 2019