Apprenticeship Case Study: Daniel Elston – Medical Engineering Apprentice

“I am still learning new skills everyday”

“Doing an apprenticeship with the NDHT has been an amazing experience”

After completing my A levels at Petroc I was unsure of what I wanted to go on to next as I wasn’t interested in university. I then saw the job for an apprentice in the EBME department of North Devon District Hospital, on the NHS Jobs website. I thought it would be a great chance for me to gain more qualifications and experience working life at the same time. My first day of work was 17 July 2017 and I was aged 18. The apprenticeship included a level 3 BTEC in Electrical Electronic Engineering at Petroc that I started in September of 2017 and a work-based NVQ in Engineering Maintenance.  After my Level 3 BTEC I am able to move on to a Level 4 HNC course.

The Level 3 BTEC course is a great way to learn alongside the experience I am gaining from working as it allows me to apply my knowledge to my current jobs. As the BTEC is all coursework based it allows me to complete the college work flexibly around my working day leading to more control of when my college work gets completed. Overall the course has been very beneficial as I now understand more complex topics, which has improved my knowledge and confidence when at work.

During my time working in the EBME department I have been able to undergo one official training course which has made me more knowledgeable when working on those devices. These training courses make it possible for me to work independently and efficiently.

After about half a year of my apprenticeship with Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, I have learnt so much to do with maintenance and medical devices. I now complete many tasks independently but always have support around if needed. I am still learning new skills every day, which helps me contribute to the team more effectively. Doing an apprenticeship with Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust has been an amazing experience and I hope to continue working here even after all my courses are completed.


Last updated: March 1, 2019