Our Standards of practice

Maintaining our standards and following Best Practice –

The Staples team ensures best practice by


  • Forming part of the Stroke Sentinel National Audit Programme where our performance is monitored – https://www.strokeaudit.org/. Our current overall organisational rating is “B”
  • Forming part of the South West integrated Stroke delivery network with regular meetings with staff across the region
  • Working closely with Derriford Hospital southwest Neuro Surgical Unit
  • Working closely with Royal Devon and Exeter services
  • Working closely with the National Stroke Association stroke.org

We are always striving to improve services as such here are some examples of recent quality improvement initiatives:

– Get up Get moving. We aim to get all patients, who are able, up and out of bed before breakfast. This replicates normal activity levels at home and encourages rehab.

– Self Ward based exercises. We aim to provide all patients, who are able, tasks/ exercises they can practice by themselves. This increases their intensity of rehabilitation and is evidenced to improve recovery.

– Digital Therapy. We utilise technology where appropriate as an aid to rehabilitation to increase self-practice for example using specific apps recommended on www.my-therappy.co.uk

-Evidence reviews – We regularly review current journals and literature to ensure evidenced based practice via our Pico Project.

– Communication Friendly Environment – We aim to provide a supportive and communication friendly environment. Using simple strategies, such as allowing time, pen and paper and encouraging patients is evidenced to help rehabilitation recovery.

Last updated: December 22, 2020