How can I help?

Having someone who has recently experienced a Stroke can be a worrying and stressful time. We understand this and that you may want to help them. There are practical ways in which you can help and be part of their recovery.

Their rehabilitation on the Stroke Unit starts straight away.

This involves them practicing, wherever possible, their normal day to day activities. To help with this the following items would be useful:

– Multiple sets of day clothes (no more than 3 sets please)

– sensible shoes

– Non slip well-fitting slippers

– toiletries

– photographs of loved ones to encourage communication (ideally with their names and who they are written on the back)

– Glasses (with case)

– Hearing aids (with box)

– Dentures (with pot)

– Items from hobbies they would normally do e.g. knitting, Sudoku, reading, painting

– Favourite snack food and drink items – if able (please check with the ward due to potential swallowing difficulties)

– Communication devices. If they have a smart phone or tablet please bring it and the charger. We can use it to record videos or send messages to you.

– Organise TV access for them

Information we need

You know the person much better than we do. The more you can tell us about what they are normally like, what they normally do and what their home environment is like the better. We use this information to make their stay and rehabilitation more relevant to them. We also use it to help plan their discharge.

Please feel free to complete and provide as much information as possible or the ward staff may ask you to complete one of the below forms when necessary.

The following information would be useful to know –

– Contact details. We need Next of kin and anyone relevant to discharge planning please.  Phone or email these details.

– Information about how they were managing before – initial interview form

– This is me. If your loved one is not currently able to communicate well, may be confused or may not be being their self this form can tell us about what they are normally like.

-Information about their home environment – Home environment form

Please send forms back to staples email

Phone – 01271 311591

What can I be part of their rehabilitation

Friends and Family members are a vital part of the rehabilitation team. Having you involved in treatment can often bring the best results. If you would like to be present at a therapy session please let us know.

Evidence also shows that a key aspect of recovery is repetition. Some patients will have exercises to complete please encourage them to practice these tasks where ever possible. The more practice the better.

We are happy to provide you with tips on how to manage specific difficulties such as communication. Please speak to a member of the team.

If you notice any significant changes in the patient’s presentation, please do let us know.

Where can I get more information

Last updated: December 29, 2020