Discharge planning

As soon as someone arrives in the hospital we start discharge planning. This is to ensure that once a patient no longer requires 24hr specialist medical treatment their care can be continued in a more appropriate setting. They may not be fully back to how they were before at this point.

Our team may start talking to you about what is going to happen when your loved one no longer requires specialist medical input straight away. We know that recovery is often best within people own homes. Specialist rehabilitation can continue to be provided in their own home or in a temporary care setting.

Discharge can sometimes feel quick, this is in people’s best interest as evidence shows people recover better in their own homes are and at reduced risk of a hospital acquired infection. Please feel free to talk to us about the options at any time.

Possible discharge options are –


Home with extra support

Temporary short term placement e.g. residential care

Longer term placement

These destinations will be discussed as team (including you and the patient) and a decision made together.

To help us with this process having information about their previous ability levels and their home environment can really help. Please see the “information we need to know” section for what may help us.

If you feel someone would have set things they wish to achieve or have once home please tell us. What does the person want to do when they get home? What ongoing therapy/care services do they want?

Please be advised –

Patients are unable to remain in hospital once they are deemed medically well. This includes people who are homeless or were struggling to manage prior to coming into hospital. We will endeavour to get them in touch with the right services to help them once they are discharged.

Last updated: December 22, 2020