Staples Ward (Stroke Unit) – North Devon District Hospital

Staples Ward (Stroke Unit) is on level 5 of North Devon District Hospital.  The telephone number is 01271 322577 and ask for Staples Ward (Stroke Unit)

The purpose of Staples Ward (Stroke Unit) is to ensure:

  • All patients are assessed and managed by the specialist stroke team
  • Patients have access to appropriate diagnostics
  • Secondary prevention measures are commenced as appropriate
  • Rehabilitation starts on day one of admission where appropriate.
  • We aim to promote recovery through early mobilisation, i.e. getting out of bed and getting dressed as early as possible.
  • Appropriate and timely discharge planning

Patients will probably need tests in order to understand the diagnosis and reduce the risk of a further Stroke. These may include a brain scan (MRI or CT scan), heart scan (echocardiogram), neck scan (carotid duplex) or blood tests.

Last updated: February 13, 2018