Specialist weight management service

The North Devon specialist weight management service provides assessment, support and guidance to motivated individuals in their efforts to lose weight and improve their long-term medical risks. The support provided is non-judgmental and encourages the person to make positive and sustainable changes to their lifestyle and eating behaviour. People are encouraged to set realistic and achievable goals focusing on general wellbeing and health improvement as well as weight loss.

Achieving significant weight loss and maintaining it is difficult and requires a change in approach to lifestyle, diet and exercise. We focus on exploring and addressing the individual personal drivers of health behaviours to improve long-term health and weight management through:

  • Encouraging a non-diet approach to healthy eating, which decreases restrictive eating
  • Exploring motivation and eating behaviours
  • Giving you the freedom to listen to your body by eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are satisfied
  • Promoting a healthy attitude to food and your body for long-term weight management
  • Promoting physical activity that you enjoy
  • Acknowledging that everyone is an individual and that different approaches will work for different people
  • Providing you with the skills, tools, and confidence to tailor lifestyle changes to your individual needs

Some patients may be eligible to proceed to bariatric surgery, where pre- and post-operative support will be provided.

Patient Pathway

Following referral, patients will have a medical assessment followed by individual dietetic and physiotherapy assessments. Patients will then be invited to participate in our group education programme (eight 2-hour sessions over sixteen weeks). If patients are unable to attend the group sessions, we can offer one-to-one follow-up and support with our dietitian; however, patients will be seen less frequently than within the group programme. All patients will have a progress review at 6 months. Following this, a patient will either be discharged if their goals have been achieved, receive continued support for a further 6 months, or (should the patient desire) be referred for bariatric surgery if eligible.

Last updated: December 12, 2019