Virtual Clinic Pilot

Virtual Clinic Pilot

The Rheumatology team at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust ran a Virtual Clinic video consultation pilot during May to September 2019.

Virtual Clinics enable us to offer outpatient appointments via video.

Virtual Clinic“I have been pursuing the idea of holding a video consultation with my patients for a while. This technology has huge potential for improving access to healthcare for patients across our rural community in northern Devon, whilst also supporting the NHS Long Term Plan of digitally-enabled care. My first patient connected using their mobile phone and I was really surprised at the high quality of the image.”

Dr Stuart Kyle, Consultant Rheumatologist

Virtual clinic video consultations were offered as an alternative to face-to-face clinic appointments.  It was anticipated that the video consultation would be a welcome solution to long journeys, delays in clinic and car parking costs currently experienced by patients attending face to face outpatient appointments.

Initial feedback from patients involved within the Rheumatology pilot has been very positive with the most common benefits highlighted as greater convenience (avoiding travelling and the time this saves) and lower costs (parking and associated costs).

“Easy, didn’t miss any time off work. Didn’t have to travel and sit in traffic.”

“This type of appointment is really helpful as I live an hour away.”

‘Saved me an 18 mile round trip and parking fees. In future it could possibly save me from taking time off of work.’

Following the successful pilot the Rheumatology team are now introducing video consultations in a number of their clinics.

Please speak to your healthcare professional if you would be interested in having your outpatient appointment as a video consultation.

For more information see our video consultations pages.

Last updated: March 6, 2020