The hydrotherapy is in use every day but is open to our patients on Mondays, Tues morning and Fri morning. Generally, the sessions are for people with some form of mobility problem and are ideal for people with stiff joints with resulting weakness.


The small pool is heated to about 35 Celsius, has stairs into the pool (rather than a ladder) and a bar around the pool edge to make exercising easier. The deepest depth is 4’6” and the shallowest is 4′.




All patients are required to fill a screening form in order to use the pool as there are some contraindications.  The duration is between 20 minutes for the first session and 10 minutes longer thereafter. The heat and buoyancy make movement easier. Most people can do more in the pool than they can on dry land and can start mobility and strengthening exercises.

Some come to the pool to try out specific exercises, e.g. Spinal stretching exercises and take these away so they can exercise in their local pool. Others attend a course of about 4-6 sessions with the aim of doing the exercises independently.

Last updated: February 6, 2020