What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a condition affecting the surfaces within your joints, meaning that they no longer move as smoothly as they should. As the affected joint becomes more worn, the tissues within the joint may try to repair it, which can cause thickening of the joint capsule, new bone formation and an increase in fluid production within the joint, which may cause the joint to swell.

As the condition becomes more advanced the joint surfaces (the cartilage) may wear away completely, meaning that your bones rub against each other. This can be painful, and result in loss of movement and deformity of the affected joint.

How is osteoarthritis treated?

Although there’s no cure for osteoarthritis yet, there are treatments that can provide relief from the symptoms and allow you to get on with your life. These include:

  • lifestyle changes
  • pain relief medications
  • physical therapies
  • supplements and complementary treatments.
  • Surgery

Versus Arthritis 

is an excellent resource on treatments, how to live with  the condition and provide useful self-help guides. They also provide excellent exercises to manage pain.




Last updated: February 6, 2020