Occupational therapy

Our team consists of

Jo Harness (Advanced Occupational Therapy Practitioner)

Jo joined the Rheumatology team in 1996. She enjoys all aspects of rheumatology practice, particularly being involved in clinical research. She has participated collaboratively with colleagues across the country in trials on arthritis gloves, arthritis of the thumb and splinting (OTTER) and the Work well Trial, investigating information and advice around work.

E-mail: joanna.harness@nhs.net

Henrietta Clay (Specialist Occupational Therapy Practitioner Hand Therapy and Rheumatology)

Henrietta has a wide range of experience having worked in medicine, orthopaedics, surgery both in the UK and Australia. Henri now works across both rheumatology and the hand therapy services and has a specific input to the rheumatology self-management groups.

E-mail: hclay@nhs.net

Jayne Attwood (Occupational Therapy Technician)

Jayne has worked in Occupational Therapy since 1987 working across many departments at NDDH and joined the rheumatology team in 1999 as our technician. Jayne co-ordinates the self-management groups and sees patients in some of the community hospitals.

E-mail jattwood2@nhs.net

Clare Kennard (Rotational Occupational Therapist)

Clare has recently joined the occupational therapy team as a rotational therapist having worked both in the community and hospital settings.

E-mail: clare.kennard@nhs.net

Last updated: February 6, 2020