Research and Development Department

Research-and Development GraphicWelcome to the Research & Development section of the Trust’s website.

Our mission is to improve health in North Devon by putting high quality research at the centre of care.

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is very much a research active trust with a hardworking and passionate team, dedicated to getting the job done and gaining the best results.

Research is essential to show us what works (and what doesn’t) in medicine and health care. Without the day to day support and involvement of patients, carers, healthy volunteers and staff this wouldn’t be possible.



Our Aims & Objectives

We wish to be an organisation that:-

  1. Has increased participation in, and awareness of research amongst patients, carers and staff.
  2. Supports and champions research as a core business activity at all levels throughout the Trust.
  3. Has built and developed a flexible and responsive research workforce
  4. Has increased income from all sources to build capacity and resilience against future funding cuts
  5. Has developed a firm foundation of Quality Assurance systems ensuring compliance with all research- related legal and regulatory requirements


Last updated: November 18, 2021