Charges and Fees

Charges and Fees

Self Paying Patients

General Tariff

Fixed Price Surgery

Private Medical Insurance

Charges and Fees

Self Paying Patients

The Hospital offers Fixed Price Surgery as well as a General
Tariff . Fixed Price Surgery

procedures are offered in the following specialties:

  • General Surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Urology

General Tariff

The General Tariff includes the cost of the treatment, nursing services, accommodation/hotel services and all tests and examinations necessary following the procedure. It DOES NOT include the fees of any specialist involved with your treatment.

For details contact the Administrator 01271 322415

Fixed Price Surgery

What is Fixed Price Surgery

Fixed Price Surgery is offered by the Trust to enable you to have the treatment you need, when you need it, without having to wait.

By using a fixed cost arrangement you can be aware of the full cost of your proposed treatment before it starts.

You simply pay for your treatment in one amount for an agreed procedure. The price is agreed in advance and this frees you from the financial uncertainties leaving you to relax in the knowledge that you will receive the very best care available.

Who will be interested in Fixed Price Surgery?

This scheme allows people who do not have health insurance, or those whose insurance does not cover their particular illness, to benefit from immediate private healthcare. Through Fixed Price Surgery you can receive a comprehensive range of treatments across most surgical specialties.

What are the usual terms for Fixed Price Surgery?

Once agreed, the Fixed Price Surgery package will include-

  • Accommodation, nursing care, operating theatre fees, diagnostic tests and treatment given during your stay in hospital:
  • All drugs dressings, and all surgical appliances/implants and consultant fees whilst an inpatient;
  • Any prescribed drugs that you may need to take home with you.

Please note: Fixed Price Surgery does not normally include any outpatient charges occurring either BEFORE or AFTER your inpatient or day patient treatment.

Patient’s personal charges (telephone calls, visitor meals, etc) are not included in the Fixed Price Surgery price given. Additional charges will be made for them as appropriate.

General issues affecting Fixed Price Surgery

The price only applies if you have obtained a written quotation. The quotation will normally be time limited.

The price quoted will relate to the specific treatment with the medical condition stated in the written quotation. Your consultant will have been satisfied that you have no other medical condition that is likely to give rise to complications or additional treatment.

The hospital will reserve the right to charge for any additional treatment if, in the opinion of our medical advisors, its need was a result of any other medical condition or treat undetected conditions as an NHS patient on an NHS ward.

The Fixed Price Surgery treatment ends on the earliest of the following dates-

  • The discharge date set by your consultant, or
  • The day you leave hospital.

If you wish to stay beyond the discharge date set by the consultant, this may be possible if the bed is not required for another patient. In these cases the normal daily tariff will apply.

The price only covers the treatment of medical complications undertaken by the hospital staff. You must pay for your Fixed Price Surgery at least 10 days prior to admission. Any personal expenses must be settled on the day that you leave the hospital.

No refund will be given if-

  • You leave or are discharged from the hospital earlier than expected, or
  • You decide not to proceed with the medical treatment once admitted to hospital.

You will be admitted to hospital under the care of a consultant to whom you are referred by your GP. The consultant remains fully responsible for your medical care.

The Trust reserves the right to refuse Fixed Price Surgery treatment.

How to arrange Fixed Price Surgery

You simply have to ask your GP to make a referral as a private patient with a consultant in the appropriate specialty.

If you would like further information, please contact-

The Private Patient Administrator
North Devon District Hospital
Raleigh Park
EX31 4JB

Telephone 01271 322415

Fixed Price Surgery Operations offered and costs

Prices under review, please call the office on the details above

Last updated: November 15, 2019