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Any injury to the foot (or feet) of someone with diabetes who has reduced feeling or reduced blood circulation to their feet is a medical emergency that needs attention.  Refer now;  tomorrow could be too late

The In-Patient Diabetes Foot Assessment Tool is now contained within the Risk Assessment Booklet.

Dermatonics Once foot cream is now available to order via Web Basket on order Code DTHBSC02.  NB – there is a minimum order of four packets per order, each packet contains 100 sachets.

Acute Diabetic Foot Pathway

Diabetes Footcare pathway

Testing for Sensation

Touch The Toes Test – Diabetes UK Information Leaflet – Testing for sensation using the fingertip touch test.  This can also be used as a patient/carer information leaflet.

How to use a 10 monofilament 6.10,16 – Testing for Sensation using a 10g monofilament – this explains where to obtain a 10g monfilament.

Looking after your toe dressing after nail surgery

Looking after your toe dressing after nail surgery

How to carry out a ‘touch the toes’ test for patients and carers

How to carry out a ‘touch the toes’ test for patients and carers

Podiatry Referral

How To Refer to Podiatry using the online referral form.  This can be used for routine referrals to podiatry.

Diabetic-Foot-Ulcer-Referral-Form 28.12.15 latest – For high risk /ulcerated diabetic foot referrals – please email to or

podiatry referral application form latest Oct 16 – For routine referrals if online referral cannot be completed.  E-mail this to or post to Podiatry, Barnstaple Health Centre.


NG19 Guidance (updated)20151201  Diabetic Foot Problems – Prevention and Management.  NICE Guidelines 2015


A new version of the Foot Risk Awareness and Management Education (FRAME) tool launched in England on 1st February 2017. This free e-learning resource provides the learner with diabetic foot assessment training using interactive animations and case scenarios. The learner may opt to undertake an assessment at the end of the module which, if passed, gives a certificate of completion.

Any Health Care Professional/worker can access the tool to gain knowledge of the theoretical and practical competencies to safely and effectively undertake diabetes foot care assessments. The content follows current NICE guidance and provides access to the range of excellent patient advice leaflets developed by the College of Podiatrists.

The FRAME tool is endorsed by Diabetes UK and can be accessed at

Once you have completed the e-learning, print out the certificate for your portfolio/revalidation purposes.  Please send a photocopy of the certificate to Workforce Development who will ensure your education and training records are updated accordingly.

Further information about the South West Clinical Network foot care peer review programme can be found at

Last updated: November 12, 2021