Our team

Physiotherapist – You may have already seen a physiotherapist but because our physiotherapists have specialist training in pain management a different approach will be used.

The main aim is often not to reduce or relieve pain as there is good evidence that increasing what you are able to do is an important step in empowering self-management.  This is achieved through developing the skills and building the confidence required to help improve your physical ability, general level of fitness, quality of life and mental wellbeing.  This may still involve hands on therapy or exercise.

Pain Consultant – Are able to perform medical assessments and request further tests if required.  They can review any medication you take to help optimise its effectiveness whilst reducing any side effects.  Where appropriate injection techniques or other interventions may also be considered.

Psychologist – Living with pain can often affect how we think and feel.  For example not being able to do the things you enjoy in your life can lead to feeling depressed, anxious, tense or worried. This affects some people more than others and makes pain more difficult to manage which is where our psychologist can help.

Occupational Therapist – Living with pain is stressful and research has shown that the body’s pain system and stress reactions do affect each other. Our OT will help you to understand this and provide you with opportunities to learn skills and strategies to re-regulate the body’s stress reaction allowing you to manage pain in the most effective way.

Groups – we also offer evidenced based groups. These enable you to understand chronic pain, stress and the impact this has on your life helping to improve your health and sense of wellbeing.

Referral to the group will be discussed with you on an individual basis and can be made by any member of the team.

Team Members

Alan Bennett – Pain Consultant and Anaesthetist

Lucy Miller – Pain Consultant, Anaesthetist and Persistent Pain Lead


Gerri De Vries – Specialist Occupational Therapist

Matthew Lund – Specialist Physiotherapist and Therapy Team Lead

Kate Pearson – Clinical Psychologist

David Sanders – Specialist Physiotherapist


Alison Beard – Admin Support

Sharon Cloak – Admin Support

Linsey Limer – Admin Support

Lorraine Scott – Admin Support


Gill Bryan – Clinical Nurse Specialist

Rhea Crighton – Clinical Nurse Specialist

Alicia Stevenson – Clinical Nurse Specialist



Last updated: May 9, 2019