The Pathology Department at North Devon District Hospital is on level one of the main building.

It could be argued that the Pathology Service is the ‘engine room’ of modern medicine with 80% of diagnoses based on the Pathology results provided by laboratory services. With an estimated 150 million samples being analysed by Pathology staff  in the UK, every person at some point in their lives will have benefited from Pathology Services.

The service is at the heart of the medical team providing other professionals with vital scientific information that allows them to do their job properly. When a major incident occurs it is Pathology staff that ensure the right amount of blood reaches the right patient at the right time. We measure vital blood chemicals to monitor patient conditions and detect signs of internal bleeding. Accident and emergency wards would shut down, organ transplants could not take place and premature babies would struggle to survive without our support. Whenever you have a sample taken from you by a doctor or nurse, it is usually analysed by a biomedical scientist in a Pathology laboratory. Quite simply, without our help and support doctors would frequently be unable to diagnose diseases properly or treat their patients effectively.

A brief description of the diagnostic departments within the N.D.D.H. Pathology Department is given in the pages to the left or below.

Last updated: October 27, 2019