Drive-through at NDDH

We have a drive-through facility in the main public car park at North Devon District Hospital (NDDH).
The drive-through makes it easier than ever to access some of the services available at the hospital.

Some essential support services are available via the drive-through, including:

  • Collection of cardio-respiratory monitoring equipment
  • Spirometry (breathing) tests
  • Collection of some prescriptions

Our drive-through has been carefully designed to be both safe and convenient for patients, and with all the necessary facilities for staff, including shelter from the weather.

If you are using one of the above services, our staff will advise you if you are able to use the drive-through and will provide all the information you need.

The patient information leaflets on this page will provide you with helpful information.

Here is some of the feedback we have had from patients using the drive-through.

Patient feedback - “It was very quick and efficient. I was given all the information I required. So much better than having to park the car to visit the acute hospital to collect some equipment.” Patient feedback - “Amazing idea rather than going into hospital and taking ages. Was super quick and friendly.” Patient feedback - “The drive-through was very convenient as I came from work. The nurse was very informative and helpful. Within 10 minutes I was on my merry way back to work.”

Patient information leaflets


Do I have to pay to use the drive-through?

No, there is no parking charge for those using the drive-through. You will need to enter the public car park as normal and collect a ticket. The drive-through staff will give you a new ticket so that you can exit through the barriers once you have finished using the drive-through.

If I need to use one of the services available through the drive-through, do I have to use the drive-through?

No, the services will still be available in the NDDH building as well. The drive-through provides an alternative way to access these services, which may be more convenient for you.

Can I use the drive-through on foot?

For safety reasons, the drive-through is only intended to be used by people who are driving, or being driven in, a vehicle.

What should I do if I arrive early and it’s closed?

Please wait in a parking bay nearby until the drive-through has been opened.

Last updated: June 2, 2021