About Us

Orthoptists are allied health professionals who specialise in the assessment and treatment of visual development, binocular vision and eye movement disorders. The service is run by our specialist team of orthoptists, all of whom are HCPC registered. There are a number of different clinics provided at North Devon District Hospital and within the community hospitals. We also carry out visual screening at the special schools and child development centre. The department recently invested in a set of special cameras and supporting IT to increase the number of patients that can be seen in the community. Clinics run between 8:20 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday at North Devon District Hospital. Appointments at community locations are arranged centrally and information regarding these clinics can be obtained from the department.

Orthoptic assistants work alongside the Orthoptists in the glaucoma monitoring clinic and carry out several important clinical tests including:

  • Visual acuity
  • Visual fields
  • Colour vision
  • Clinical history (new patients)

In addition to these clinical tests the Orthoptic assistants provide administrative support with paperwork, setting up clinical rooms, and providing an extra pair of hands for immobile patients.

The orthoptics team consists of:

Seven Orthoptists

  • Bernadette Goan – Head Orthoptist
  • Sue Thorne – Paediatric Lead Orthoptist
  • Teresa Cole – Glaucoma Lead Orthoptist
  • Claire Bond – Specialist Orthoptist
  • Connor Beddow- Specialist Orthoptist
  • Tom Petty- Specialist Orthoptist

Three Orthoptic assistants:

  • Marie Deimert- Orthoptic assistant
  • Leanne Langley- Orthoptic assistant
  • Kerry Crake- Orthoptic assistant

The clerical staff in the orthoptics team are:

  • Sarah Martin – Office Administrator
  • Judith Smith – Receptionist/ GMC appointment co-ordinator
  • Holly Leigh – Clerical support

How do I access this service?

You will be referred to the appropriate clinic by a healthcare professional e.g. GP, health visitor or school nurse, if you have a problem with your vision.

What to expect

Please bring any glasses that you may have. Your appointment with the Orthoptist will last between 20 minutes to an hour. It may be necessary to see the Optician/Opthalmologist after your Orthoptic appointment which will make your appointment significantly longer.

Contacting us

Orthoptic Department
Level 2
North Devon District Hospital
Raleigh Park
EX31 4JB

Last updated: December 1, 2017