Pre-operative assessment

Before most types of operation you will need to visit the pre-operative assessment clinic either on the day your surgeon informed you of the need for surgery, or at a later date (within a few weeks of your surgery date).


What is the purpose of the pre-operative assessment clinic?

The pre-operative assessment is a health check to make sure that you are fully prepared for your hospital admission, treatment and discharge. The aim is to ensure you are fit and well prior to your operation. During your visit a number of investigations will be carried out.


What should I bring?

  1. A list of all your current medications and any eye drops you are taking
  2. A urine sample
  3. Your distance and reading spectacles.


What happens in the clinic?

Please present to the reception desk in the Exmoor Unit.

You will be greeted by a receptionist, who will ask you to take a seat before being called by the nurse.

The nurse will ask details of your medical history and your social situation so that we can plan for your admission and discharge.  She will examine your eye, check your pulse and blood pressure and take measurements of your eye.  Blood tests and a heart tracing (ECG) will be arranged as necessary.


What happens next?

Following the clinic, all the results from your investigations will be reviewed and, if necessary, your GP will be contacted by letter and informed of any problems that have been identified. If the admission date has to be cancelled because of problems identified at pre-assessment, a new date will be offered when all further investigations have been satisfactorily completed.


Further information

If you have any questions regarding your operation, please contact 01271 311594

If your query relates to your operation date, please contact the Booked Admissions Office on 01271 370291

Last updated: October 3, 2017