Our Optometry department provides a wide range of clinical services from those traditionally associated with optometry departments such as refraction (testing of eyes for spectacles), low vision assessments and contact lens fitting and aftercare to more specialised services, which include ocular imaging, stable macula degeneration and glaucoma assessments.


What services do we provide?

  • Children and adult refractions
  • Post Cataract refractions
  • Contact lens fitting and Aftercare
  • Low Vision Assessments
  • Glaucoma Assessments
  • Stable macula degeneration assessments
  • DVLA visual fields
  • Ocular Imaging Service
  • Specialist Optometric assessments at Pathfield school

In addition we work within Consultant Ophthalmologist clinics as part of multidisciplinary teams further extending our roles in glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and macula degeneration.


Where do we provide services?

All Optometric services are carried out at the North Devon District Hospital.


Where to find us

At North Devon District Hospital, we are based within the main Ophthalmology outpatient department.


How can you be seen in the optometry department?

We accept referrals from various sources, including General Practitioners and Social Services but mainly from other departments within the Eye Clinic such as ophthalmologists or orthoptists.


Contact Us

The department can be contacted on 01271 311714.  Please note that at times when this phone is not manned there is an answer phone facility that is checked on a regular basis.

Last updated: October 3, 2017