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Wednesday 13 June

Our project: Creating place-based offer of support

The main objectives of this project are to test out whether community and social approaches to supporting people to manage their health are effective and whether they are an efficient use of resources

  • Testing a diabetes wellbeing club model – initially in Fremington, Ilfracombe and Torrington
  • Testing peer support and expert patient models
  • Proving practices with information on local health and wellbeing groups and events

Support groups in the North Devon area

The Barnstaple based North Devon Diabetes Support Group are a friendly support group for people with diabetes and carers. They run two groups every month; A structured educational meeting with guest speakers who advise on various aspects of diabetes, followed by a coffee and a chat. This meeting is held in the Roundswell Community Centre; And an informal social meeting and chat at St John’s Garden Centre Café.

The Ilfracombe based Diabetes Support & Advice Group is a new friendly support group in Ilfracombe for people with diabetes and their families. The group is an informal place where people can share practical tips and ideas on managing diabetes. The group is held at Brookdale Church,Ilfracombe.

For more information about events in your area please go here

And facebook page:


Our project: Improving access to healthy lifestyle support

The project objective is to provide the support that patients have identified that will help them make lifestyle change and manage their health

  • Patients supported to make necessary lifestyle changes through access to diet, exercise, motivational, psychological and other advice and guidance
  • The support is sustainable and not time limited
  • The support is universally available to prevent worsening at an early stage
  • The support is evidence based and effective in helping people make the necessary lifestyle changes

Meet Ellie our Diabetes Specialist Dietitian

Ellie Williams is a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian at Northern Devon Healthcare Trust. Ellie graduated from The University of Nottingham with a Masters of Nutrition in 2005. After graduating Ellie worked as an acute Dietitian, before becoming a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian in 2007. Ellie has received training and gained experience in structured education for Type 1 diabetes, carbohydrate counting with insulin dose adjustment, insulin pump therapy and general diabetes care. In 2013 Ellie completed a post graduate masters module in Nutrition and Diabetes. Ellie was involved in setting up the Level 3 Obesity Service and writing the curriculum for the OSCAR sessions. Along with a colleague she also set up the Type 1 education course (BARNI) and the insulin pump service for North Devon.

Referrals to specialist dietitians are through your GP or practice nurse.


Last updated: June 13, 2018