What matters to me Monday

Monday 11 June

Our project: What matters to me?

Personalised clinical interactions that help patients agree medical and lifestyle goals that are important to them, and suited to their personality and their circumstances. We are working with practices to ensure all North Devon patients have consistent, valuable interactions at every appointment by:

  • Developing diabetes appointment templates for use at diagnosis and annual review
  • Promoting a patient-centred approach

Get involved!

Working with a number of North Devon GP practices we have designed the following template documents:

Letter for patients newly diagnosed to include; An overview of diagnosis; Signposting to informative online information; Invitation to collect Diabetes information pack from GP Practice and Questions for patient to complete prior to first practice nurse visit.

Care Plan for first appointment following diagnosis to include; An overview of diagnosis; Minimum level of care that every person with diabetes should expect – NICE ‘Nine processes of care for diabetes’ and Diabetes UK: 15 Healthcare Essentials; Personalised care plan to include patients own HbA1c/ BP/ Cholesterol etc. results; Personal action plan and signposting to other support/ education/ information.

Annual review appointment letter to include; An appointment date and time; Patients HbA1c / BP/ Cholesterol displayed graphically where appropriate; Other pictorial information relating to NICE ‘Nine processes of care for diabetes’ and Diabetes UK: 15 Healthcare Essentials and a ‘Your Goals’ form.

if you would like to be involved in the pilot of this new care plan and supporting documentation please contact Gayle Richards, Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse on 01271 311646, email gaylerichards@nhs.net  or Amy Williams, Diabetes Project Manager on 01271 314073, email amywilliams5@nhs.net. These will be launched in Autumn 2018.

Our project: Specialist support to primary care

The project aim is to provide the primary care team with the access to the specialist support they require to best support their patients and reduce the risk of poorly managed diabetes and the associated complications. This will be achieved through the Diabetes Practice Support Service which will include:

  • Patient Advice Service
  • Annual Support Visit
  • Ongoing access to training opportunities
  • Single diabetes management plan
  • Practice needs analysis

Our proposal for implementing the practice support service was agreed at the North Devon GP Forum on 20 March 18 following co-design with four GP practices.

Practice visits are being booked in until November, after which time there will be an opportunity to evaluate the service together. If you have not yet booked your practice support visit, please contact Sharon Hobbs on Sharon.hobbs@nhs.net or 01769 575143 who will be able to arrange it.

Do you have a question about a patient with diabetes?

Our Diabetes Specialist Nurses have a helpline available Monday to Friday 0830 – 1630:

01271 322726


Email: ndht.diabetes@nhs.net


Last updated: June 8, 2018