What is the Recovery Package?

The recovery package combines several interventions which improve care co-ordination and outcomes for individuals living with or after a cancer diagnosis. As part of the Living With and Beyond Cancer project we will be working to implement the recovery package and embed it into all cancer pathways across North Devon. These interventions comprise of:

  1. Holistic Needs Assessment and Care Planning

A self-assessment tool used to identify an individual’s needs and concerns, combined with structured care planning to ensure these needs and concerns are addressed.

  1. Treatment Summary

The Treatment Summary is a document produced by secondary cancer care professionals at the end of treatment and sent to the patient’s GP. It provides important information for GPs, including possible treatment toxicities, information about side effects and/or consequences of treatment, signs and symptoms of a recurrence and any actions for the GP. It aims to inform GPs and other primary care professionals of any actions they need take and who to contact with any questions or concerns. The patient also receives a copy to improve understanding of their condition and to provide a summary to share with other professionals and those of their choice,

  1. Cancer Care Review

This is a discussion between a patient and their GP or practice nurse about their cancer journey. It helps the person affected by cancer understand what information and support is available to them in their local area, open up about their cancer experience and enable supported self-management.

  1. Health and Wellbeing Events

Health and Wellbeing Events are designed to help people affected by cancer and their family and friends get the support they need during and after cancer treatment.

Health and Wellbeing Events can provide information and support on:

  • Benefits and other financial support
  • How to get back to work
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Long-term side-effects of treatment
  • Specific cancers
  • Local services.

Recovery package introduction video:

Last updated: May 16, 2018