Screening and risk assessing for infection

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NDHT keeps records of all its patients who have at anytime been found to carry MRSA. In accordance with national guidance we screen all new in-patient admissions (both at NDDH and in Community Hospitals)and in certain key departments such as intensive care and orthopaedic wards also repeat screening weekly with resident patients.

Screening is for two reasons:

  1. to keep the individual patients with MRSA safe at times when they are vulnerable to developing an infection such as at times of surgery or when invasive treatments are required
  2. to prevent spread of the organism to other patients. Those identified to be carrying MRSA are treated with antiseptic bodywashes and nasal ointment and where necessary prior to surgery may need special antibiotics over and above routine types used.

MRSA Policy


The NDHT policy for the management of MRSA incorporates a section detailing the processes to be undertaken to screen the majority of patients for MRSA on admission to the wards in line with national guidance.

Last updated: November 2, 2017