Virtual clinic pilot

Virtual clinics pilot

The haematology team at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust are running a virtual clinic video consultation pilot during July to September 2019.

Virtual clinics enable us to offer outpatient appointments via video.

Virtual clinic video consultations will be offered as an alternative to face-to-face clinic appointments.  It is anticipated that the video consultation will be a welcome solution to long journeys, delays in clinic and car parking costs currently experienced by patients attending face to face outpatient appointments.

This innovative technology is one of a number of digital solutions being trialled in our outpatient department.

What to expect

Your clinician or a member of the booking team will advise you that your appointment will be held as a virtual clinic video consultation.

Virtual clinic powered by is the technology we will be using for your confidential video consultation.

Virtual clinic enables you to have your appointment via a completely secure video environment from the comfort of your own home.

You can connect using any device, using the app or via a web browser.

You will be sent an email containing your appointment details.

Please download our virtual clinic patient information leaflet for more information about your video consultation.

Last updated: July 1, 2019