What should I check?

Follow these ‘10 steps’ to look after your feet:

  1. Wash your feet daily with warm water
  2. Make sure that you dry your feet, especially between your toes
  3. File toenails to smooth edges/ do not pick at skin or nails
  4. Thoroughly inspect your feet for wounds or signs of inflamation
  5. Keep the skin supple with moisturing cream
  6. Change daily into clean soft socks or stockings
  7. Keep you feet warm and dry by wearing appropriate footwear
  8. Always wear shoes that fit your foot shape
  9. Check your shoes for any objects e.g. pebbles, nails that might injure your feet
  10. Never walk without shoes when indoors or outdoors


Watch out for these 10 warning signs:

  1. Red
  2. Hot/ Temperature
  3. Swollen
  4. Open skin
  5. Foot deformity
  6. Discharge/ pus/ fluid
  7. Smell
  8. Pain
  9. Increased blood sugars
  10. Flu symptoms/ nausea/ unwell


Did you know these 10 causes of ulceration:

  1. Loss of feeling/ neuropathy
  2. Barefoot walking
  3. Footwear rubbing/ corn cures/ poor self treatment
  4. Foreign objects
  5. Sources of heat
  6. Delayed podiatry care: deformity/ callus
  7. Charcot/ Fracture
  8. Poor blood supply/ Ischaemia
  9. Infection
  10. High blood sugars/ inappropriate antibiotic use

Last updated: February 28, 2019