The provision for diabetes structured education in North Devon changed in June 2018 and is now provided by




What is it?

  • Diabetes Support is a QISMET certified and NICE aligned type 2 diabetes education programme provided by Oviva
  • It combines participant learning (via a printed guidebook or online portal) with 1-to-1 behaviour change support from a diabetes specialist dietitian over the phone and in group sessions
  • It aims to widen access, and support participants to learn how to self-manage their diabetes and adopt healthier lifestyle habits

Who is eligible and how can GPs and PNs refer?

  • Adults over 18 with type 2 diabetes with a confirmed diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes within the last 2 years, who have not accessed a diabetes education course to date
  • Referral can only be made through GP practices
  • Oviva patient flyer

What should you expect?

  1. Following referral, you will receive a phone call from an Oviva Patient Pathway Coordinator (PPC). The PPC will explain the programme in more detail, answer any questions that you might have, and book the patient into their initial 45 minute phone call with your dietitian. They will also:
  • Provide you with a link to online resources &/ or post a hard copy guidebook

  • Signpost patients towards the Oviva app (optional), which can be downloaded for free from the iOS and Android app stores

2. At the initial phone call, the dietitian will cover the following topics and offer the choice of a group session or one-to-one alternative:

  • Getting started: what is diabetes?
  • Understanding more about carbohydrates and Glycaemic Index
  • Getting moving: physical activity
  • Taking control of diabetes: personal plan
  • Looking ahead to the group session / next one-to-one

Last updated: February 28, 2019