What help can I get?

“Our goal is to make sure everyone with diabetes gets the best care possible” 

Ellie & Naomi, Diabetes Specialist Dietitians

At our outpatient appointments we support people with diabetes to make informed food choices to influence good blood glucose control. We also support:

  • Marrying different dietary approaches (e.g. IBS and Type 2 diabetes).
  • Specific dietary approaches for weight management (e.g. low carbohydrate, meal replacement plans etc.)
  • Motivation, behavioural and emotional eating
  • Nutritional treatment of diabetes (e.g. hypoglycaemia treatments, sport management, carbohydrate counting)
  • Nutritional treatment of the complications of diabetes (e.g. renal diet, healthy heart diet)

If you are coming to an outpatient appointment with a dietitian you will be asked to bring a 4 day food diary, medication list and your blood glucose readings (if you use a blood glucose meter).

As an inpatient with diabetes care is usually provided by our inpatient dietitians. However if you are acutely unwell and need specialist diabetes care the diabetes specialist dietitians will contribute nutritional plans as part of your care.

As dietitians we believe education is key and we provide up to date evidence based training for people with diabetes and those that care for them in the following ways:

  • We present at local diabetes support groups across North Devon.
  • We exhibit at diabetes well being events and are available to answer quick questions people with diabetes might have.
  • We provide specialist training to other healthcare professionals such as GP, practice nurses, care home registered nurses/ healthcare assistants and community nursing teams.
  • We teach BARNI a structured education programme for patients with type 1 diabetes run alongside the Diabetes Specialist Nurses.
  • Oviva provide a diabetes education programme for people over 18 with a confirmed diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes within the last 2 years, who have not accessed a diabetes education course to date.

Last updated: February 28, 2019