Adult Services Provided

Oviva Diabetes Support (replaces Conversation Maps)

Oviva is a private company and referrals sent to NDHT will be forwarded

  • Diabetes Support is a QISMET certified and NICE aligned type 2 diabetes education programme
  • It combines participant learning (via a printed guidebook or online portal) with 1-to-1 behaviour change support from a diabetes specialist dietitian over the phone and in group sessions
  • It aims to widen access, and support participants to learn how to self-manage their diabetes and adopt healthier lifestyle habits
Weight Management and Dietary Advice
  • Support to achieve a healthy weight and better blood glucose control
  • Dietitian led
  • One to one appointments
  • Group carbohydrate counting education for type 1 diabetes
  • Group structured education
Lifestyle and Therapy Management
  • Advice and support to help achieve individual goals in diabetes
  • Often based in General Practice or in community setting
  • Working with the GP and Practice Nurse
Insulin Initiation and Dose Titration
  • Diabetes Nurse led
  • Education provided in suitable location e.g. community hospital setting
  • Telephone and e-mail support
  • Pre-conception care
  • Management during pregnancy and delivery
  • Consultant led service
  • Multi-disciplinary team:
    • Specialist Diabetes Nurse
    • Specialist Diabetes Dietitian
    • Specialist Diabetes Midwife
  • Fortnightly outpatient clinic
  • One to one and telephone support
  • Community and hospital based clinics
  • Specialist Community wound care clinics
  • Specialist multidisciplinary diabetic foot care Team:
    • Vascular Consultant
    • Specialist Diabetes Podiatrist
    • Specialist Tissue Viability Nurse
    • Specialist Diabetes Nurse
  • Emergency Foot care Helpline 01271 371763
Complex Diabetes Care
  • Individual support for complex care
  • Insulin pump therapy
  • New therapies, devices and technology
  • Carbohydrate counting
Long Term Effects of Diabetes
  • Specialist consultant led clinics in:
    • Diabetes and related conditions
    • Optimising diabetes control
    • Eye disease
    • Kidney disease
    • Vascular and foot problems
In-Patient management
  • Managing specific diabetes related problems while in hospital
  • Advice to staff and patients during admission about management of diabetes
  • Development of diabetes services throughout Devon
  • Health Promotion events
  • Support to local voluntary groups
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Education of other Health Professionals
  • Participation in other related services

Last updated: February 28, 2019