Day Surgery Unit

Over 80% of surgical procedures are done in a Day Surgery setting.  This means you are admitted and discharged on the same day that you have your operation.  Therefore the Day Surgery Unit at North Devon District Hospital is a very busy place.  Our Day Surgery Unit has a waiting and reception area, 4 bays and 2 side rooms incorporating 20 trolley spaces rather than beds.   There are anaesthetic rooms and operating theatres and a recovery area.  All of these areas are staffed with qualified registered practitioners that are specialised in this service.  If you wish to find out about the anaesthetic theatre room and recovery aspect of your stay, please refer to our web page on Theatres.  In Day surgery males, females and children will all be separated into the bays or side rooms, this is a mandatory requirement to ensure privacy and dignity of each individual patient.  Relatives who wish to support family members can wait in the waiting area but are not permitted to go through to the DSU ward to again to ensure privacy and dignity of each individual.

How do I access the service?

It is vitally important that we ensure that you are fit enough to have your procedure performed in Day Surgery and go home on the same day.  If you require a general anaesthetic for your procedure you will be required to have a pre-assessment interview (this may be a clinic attendance or a telephone call) with our specialist qualified pre-assessment team. There are also some patients having local anaesthetic who require a telephone pre-assessment.  Any screening or diagnostic tests required must be completed and the results known before you come in for your surgery.  At this interview you will also receive information about your operative procedure, what to expect when you come to the Day Surgery Unit and what to bring with you including dressing gown and slippers, and what to expect when you go home.  The Booking Team at the Hospital will liaise with you regarding your date of operation, finding a time that is mutually convenient.

How the Service works

There are both morning and afternoon operating sessions and you will receive a letter asking you to attend the Day Surgery either early in the morning or at lunch time. Depending on your procedure and where you are on the morning theatre list you will probably be ready for discharge by lunchtime/early afternoon. If your surgery is scheduled in the afternoon, discharge will be in the evening. The time you have been given to arrive into DSU is not the time of your operation.  There are variations of course and some patients may need to stay all day and some patients may be asked to come in at a different time. Once you have had your surgery and have returned to the ward you will be given light refreshments before you are discharged. You must ensure that you have arranged for someone to collect you following your operation and if you have had a general anaesthetic made arrangements for someone to be with you for at least 24 hours following your surgery.

Where can I find more information?

There is a variety of patient information leaflets describing procedures that are carried out in Day Surgery and what to expect in Day Surgery here

Last updated: February 24, 2022