Colorectal/Stoma nursing service

What services do we provide?

  • Support and advice for patients undergoing colorectal (Bowel) Surgery
  • Support and advice for patients undergoing colorectal surgery and investigations for colorectal cancer
  • Support and advice for patients and their families undergoing stoma formation (formation of a ‘bag’ also known as a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy).
  • Dietary advice for colorectal patients
  • Stoma Care Clinics
  • Colorectal Nurse-led follow up clinics
  • Liaison with other healthcare professionals looking after you, including your GP or District Nurse.

What is a the role of the Colorectal Nurse?

The colorectal nurse works closely with all members of the team involved       in your treatment and care, called the colorectal multi-disciplinary team, and can talk to them on your behalf. The Colorectal Nurse can also liaise with the other healthcare professionals looking after you, including your GP or District Nurse, to ensure you receive the best advice and treatment.

One of the colorectal nursing team will try to be with you at your clinic appointment with the doctor.  If they are not present and you would like to see them, please ask a member of staff. They can be contacted on 01271 322464.

We also hold Nurse-led cancer follow up clinics.

What are Nurse-led Cancer follow up clinics?

The nurse-led clinic takes place on various days of the week.  You will have a thirty minute appointment so that you will have plenty of time to discuss your concerns or explain any problems you may have. You may also be required to have a blood test and possibly a rigid sigmoidoscopy (a look into the lower part of your bowel with a small scope).  If you need further tests or examinations the CNS will organise them for you. The CNS will also liaise directly with your Consultant, if necessary.

What is a Stoma Care Nurse?

A stoma care nurse looks after patients who have had a stoma formed.

A stoma is sometimes formed with particular types of colorectal (bowel) surgery.  The stoma care nurse will educate and support patients and their families when they undergo this type of surgery.  Support will be given prior to your surgery, whilst you are in hospital and when you return home.  Patients are also seen in stoma care clinics.

Caz Smith, Denise Sanders, Teresa Woodward, Debbie Elston and Mandy Rimmer-Gray are the Stoma Nurses.  They can be contacted on the numbers below.

What are Stoma Clinics?

Stoma clinics are held on Monday afternoon’s and Wednesday morning’s  by appointment only.  You may contact the stoma nurses directly to arrange an appointment.  Clinics are held in Outpatients ‘Area A’, Level 2, North Devon District Hospital.  You will be closely monitored in these clinics at 6 weeks, 6 months and at one year post-discharge.  You have open access to the department for support at any time by contacting them by phone.

Who are we?

Karen Day –  Colorectal Clinical and Professional Lead Nurse

Caroline Smith (Caz) – Stoma Care Nurse

Denise Sanders – Stoma Care Nurse

Jo Tucker – Stoma Care Nurse

Teresa Woodward – Stoma Care Nurse

Debbie Elston – Stoma Care nurse

Mandy Rimmer-Gray – Stoma Care Nurse

Working Hours

Monday – Friday 08.30am – 4.30pm

Contact numbers

Colorectal Nurses  – 01271 322464

Stoma Care Nurses – 01271 349116

An answer phone is on all the time so please leave your name and phone number so that the nurses can return your call.

Last updated: March 1, 2022