Led by Colorectal Surgeon Miss Ceri Beaton, the North Devon Colorectal Team want to work with you and help support you through your pathway so that colorectal cancer can be accurately diagnosed and treated.

Together with our team of colorectal specialists in radiology, oncology, pathology and gastroenterology we will aim to establish a rapid and detailed diagnosis before any surgery is performed.

All patients are discussed in our multi-disciplinary meeting (MDT) on a Tuesday and a treatment plan is established. You will be involved at every step of your cancer journey. You will be given as much time as you need and we will answer as many questions as you like. You will always have access to our colorectal nurse specialist.

We offer a completely comprehensive range of surgical procedures and treatments. Offering Laparoscopic Surgery (Keyhole surgery) where possible. We hope that you find these web pages useful and informative.

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Last updated: February 1, 2022