Cardio Respiratory Department

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The Cardio-Respiratory department at North Devon district hospital provides high quality non-invasive cardiovascular and respiratory diagnostic care to patients that have had or are suspected of having cardiovascular or respiratory disorders. Cardio-respiratory is a busy but friendly department that currently consists of a small team made up 6 Cardiac Physiologists, 5 Cardiographers and 2 Administrative staff. The department performs approximately 19,500 tests per year from referrals across the North Devon hospital and the surrounding GP community.

The department works alongside the cardiology consultants and cardiac services performing a wide range of diagnostic tests on neonates and paediatrics all the way up through the ages, these include:

Electrocardiograms (ECG), Cardiac Ambulatory holter monitoring (Tape), Blood pressure Ambulatory monitoring (BP), Symptom led rhythm analysis (Cardiocall), Exercise treadmill testing (ETT), Echocardiography (ECHO), Pacemaker follow up (PPM), Implantable defibrillator follow up (ICD).

Spirometry breathing testing (FEV1), Gas transfer diffusion studies (DLCO), Full pulmonary lung function testing (PFT), month and lung pressure testing.

Diagnostic testing is performed on referred outpatients as well as consultant referred inpatients. The department aims to provide an ad-hoc one stop diagnostic service for new patients attending cardiology consultant clinics, as well as ad-hoc testing on patients referred from pre-op, surgery and psychiatrics where possible.

Last updated: October 4, 2017