You can be referred directly from your GP for diagnosis and treatment under the two-week urgent referral protocol.

Please note imaging is only available on a Tuesday or Thursday.


Urgent referrals

Breast lumps

Any new palpable breast lump which is suspicious of breast cancer
Any lump associated with nipple or skin changes
Any new skin dimple
Skin changes characteristic of peau d’orange
Mammographic abnormality suspicious of cancer
Persistant palpable axillary lymph node



Suspicious of inflammatory breast cancer or persistent mastitis/abscess
Nipple changes/discharge
Blood-stained nipple discharge
Clear nipple discharge
Nipple eczema suspicious of Paget’s disease
Nipple retraction or distortion of recent onset


Suspected male breast cancer

Non-tender breast lump in a male (0.2% of all breast cancers are in male patients)


Routine referrals


Recurrent breast cysts in a patient with a past history of benign cysts
Persistent breast tenderness or nodularity
Persistent breast pain not responding to simple pain killers
Non-blood stained nipple discharge
Tender gynaecomastia in a male


Family history of breast cancer

One first degree relative diagnosed with breast cancer under 40
Two or more first or second-degree relatives
One or more first-degree relatives with bilateral breast cancer

(a first-degree relative can be a mother, father, sister or daughter and a second degree relative can be an aunt, grandmother or granddaughter)

Last updated: July 25, 2019