Who to contact if you have a concern

During follow-up

Many patients find that speaking to their breast care nurse can be an easy way to discuss any concerns. They may organise an earlier appointment if you both feel you need to see the specialist sooner.

You can contact the breast care nursing team on 01271 349115

If you have any new symptoms you are worried about, you can see your GP between appointments for advice. If they feel it is necessary, they can refer you back to hospital for an earlier appointment.

After your five-year follow-up

In the UK the survival of people with breast cancer has improved greatly over the past decade and many will have no further problems after they finish their treatment.

If you have had no further problems, you will be discharged from hospital follow-up appointments. After you have been discharged from follow-up appointments, your GP will be your main contact to get concerns checked quickly.

If you have any concerns, see your GP. Make sure they know about your breast cancer, particularly if you were diagnosed some time before, or if you have a new GP. If you feel you need to be seen in clinic again, your GP can arrange this quickly for you, or alternatively you could contact your breast care nurse at the hospital directly.

Last updated: July 17, 2019