Breast symptoms

Breast pain | Nipple discharge | Breast lump

There are many reasons why women may develop breast related problems and symptoms. Such problems are very common and most of these symptoms will have a harmless cause.

For every 10 women who are referred to the Breast Clinic only 1 will have a breast cancer; most will have a relatively harmless, non-cancerous problem.

The common breast symptoms that cause women to seek medical advice and to attend a breast clinic would be:

  1. A lump has been felt within the breast
  2. Breast discomfort or pain (mastalgia)
  3. Problems related to the nipple, such as:
    1. discharge of fluid
    2. a rash
    3. alteration in shape (retraction or inversion)
  4. Infection (mastitis) whilst breast feeding
  5. Infection in the breast for women who are not breast feeding

Common non-cancerous conditions that would cause a breast lump:

  1. Fibroadenoma
  2. Breast cyst
  3. Nodularity


Last updated: July 17, 2019