Breast screening

The NHS National Breast Screening Programme offers routine breast screening to all women between the ages of 50 and 70, every 3 years. InHealth provides this service to North Devon and is based in Exeter.  You are also able to self-invite every 3 years after the age of 70 if you wish.

At present the majority of patients who undergo screening will be offered surgery and treatment at Exeter but we hope to be able to offer this service in North Devon soon.  It is likely following your treatment that your follow-up will be transferred to North Devon.

Occasionally breast cancer can develop in between your screening mammograms.  This is called an ‘interval cancer’. If this occurs the screening unit will review your mammograms and issue a formal apology in line with duty of candour if it appears to have been present but not picked up on your previous mammogram. This occurs in approximately 3 in 1000 cases.  Please see documents below for further information.

The website and contact details are detailed below.  You can contact the screening unit to see when the screening van will next be in your area.

Contact number:

01392 262600


Interval cancer

Duty of Candour

Last updated: July 17, 2019