Who are anaesthetists?

Anaesthetists are doctors who have specialist training in the use anaesthetics and pain relief. They will give you your anaesthetic and be responsible for your safety and wellbeing throughout the procedure. The department at NDDH currently has 21 Consultants, 8 Associate Specialists, 5 Specialty Doctors, 2 Trust Fellows and 11 Core Trainees. Before the procedure, your anaesthetist will discuss a number of things with you including:

  • The types of anaesthetic appropriate for the procedure you are having
  • Any risks or side effects associated with different types of anaesthetics
  • They will also plan the anaesthetic and pain control with you, taking into account any preferences or allergies you might be have for a particular type of medication.

You should ask your anaesthetist to clarify anything you are unsure about, and raise any queries you might be having.

Last updated: September 23, 2019