Services provided by the Anaesthesia Department at NDDH

The department runs a nurse led pre-operative clinic 5 days a week with consultant input for patients who need further assessment and optimization prior to their planned operative procedure.

The obstetric anaesthesia service caters to care of women who are in labour requiring epidural services round the clock. The team works in association with midwives and obstetricians to facilitate close attention and timely intervention like instrumental delivery or caesarean section when need arises.

There has been a constant push to promote day care surgeries. This has been possible due to a structured day care anaesthesia service which gives importance to meticulous patient selection and preoperative optimization. The main focus is on tailoring the anaesthetic by using shorter acting medications to enable quick and smooth recovery at the same time making sure that the patients wake up with adequate pain relief and minimal postoperative sickness . There has been an increase in use of regional anaesthesia and local anaesthetics in day care procedures to ensure adequate pain relief.

We run a paediatric anaesthesia service with some consultants having special interests in paediatric anaesthesia taking an active role in ensuring that sick and anxious children are made to feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Last updated: September 23, 2019