Acute Oncology Service

What is Acute Oncology?

Acute oncology focuses on the management of existing patients who have complications with their cancer diagnosis and treatment, and the management of patients with a new acute cancer diagnosis.

What the Acute Oncology Service offers:

Information and advice to patients and carers when a patient has:

  • Complications from Systemic Anti-Cancer Treatments (SACT) which includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Complications from a known cancer
  • A newly diagnosed cancer
  • A Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)
  • A suspected or confirmed Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression

Aims of the Acute Oncology Service

  • To provide advice on managing side effects
  • To reduce e the number of investigations
  • To avoid admissions
  • To provide advice and support for clinical staff caring for cancer patients
  • To ensure rapid referral to other specialties as required
  • To make regular ward visits and reduce length of stay if admitted to hospital
  • To provide care in a patient’s preferred place of care

Last updated: March 21, 2018