What to do if you are ill or injured

Self-careCough. Colds. Minor cuts. Sore throat. Headache.

Many common illnesses can be treated at home with a well-stocked medicine cabinet and plenty of rest.

PharmacyEarache. Teething. Diarrhoea. Painful cough. Rashes.

Pharmacists are health professionals who can provide advice and treatment for a range of common illnesses. Many local pharmacies are open 6am to 10pm. Click here to find your nearest pharmacy (chemist).

NHS 111If you need medical advice or reassurance and don’t have a GP to call.

Call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls to NHS 111 are free from landlines and mobile phone. NHS 111 is also online – 111.nhs.uk

GPPersistent pain. Vomiting. Chronic backache. Asthma. Arthritis.

GPs provide medical advice, examinations, prescriptions and routine care for illnesses and injuries that aren’t life-threatening. Additional evening and weekend GP appointments are now available in northern Devon. If you need to see a GP out of surgery hours please call Devon Doctors on 0845 671 0270. Click here to find your nearest GP surgery.

Minor Injuries ServicesSprains. Minor burns. Itchy rash. Bruises. Cuts.

For treatment and advice for conditions that aren’t serious but do need attention. Some are run by GPs and require you to call ahead but others are stand-alone services so you can just drop in. Click here to see locations and opening times of minor injuries services in northern Devon.

Emergency Department / 999Severe bleeding. Breathing difficulties. Stroke symptoms. Broken bones. Chest pain. Baby with a rash or temperature.

The Emergency Department (ED) is for life-threatening illnesses and injuries only. Dialling 999 or going to the ED if you don’t need to could delay treatment for someone who is seriously ill. Click here for details about ED services.

Information for yellow card holders

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Last updated: August 19, 2020