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JC logo (use)We are delighted as a Trust to be supporting John’s Campaign in all of our hospitals (acute and community).

What is John’s Campaign?

John’s Campaign supports the right of carers and family to stay with patients with dementia in hospital.

It was founded after the death of Dr John Gerrard in November 2014, by his daughter Nicci. She believes her father, who had Alzheimer’s, would have benefitted greatly if she had been able to stay with him during his time in hospital.

Nicci now campaigns for the rights of carers of patients with dementia and similar conditions to stay with their loved ones, and be involved with their care if they would like to be.

Nicci’s co-campaigner, Julia Jones, supports her mother 91 year old mother, June, who lives with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

Our John’s Campaign statement

Carers of people living with dementia are welcome to stay with their loved ones whenever they want to. We are glad to invite them to be our partners in care. Carers who would like to find out more are advised to talk to the nurse in charge when their loved one is admitted.

What can I expect as a carer?

By working in partnership with the nurses and ward staff, you can assess what is right for you and for your loved one, for example:

Do I need some rest?

Is the patient less agitated when I am present?

Will visiting more help?

Think about how you would like to be involved in intimate care as you are at home. This could include lifting and manual handling, washing and dressing, and helping with eating and drinking.

The nurses will make a note of any advice you can give them in the care plan, and if you have opted to be a partner in care, the nurse in charge will make sure all staff in the multidisciplinary nursing team are aware.

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How can I find out more?

You may be asked at the point of transfer or admission if you have been caring for, and would like to continue to care for, the person living with dementia.

If you are not asked and you would like to talk about continuing to care for the patient, please speak to the nurse in charge on the ward, who will be happy to discuss arrangements with you.

If you decide you would like to be a partner in care while your loved one is in hospital, or would like to find out more at any time, please speak to the nurse in charge on the ward.

Community cards

We are producing a card to inform people about John’s Campaign to be used in our community services, and which will be given out and discussed with you at home. This is to prepare you to ask for involvement when a loved one is admitted.

Further information/resources

Observer website with our statement on

John’s Campaign website

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Last updated: October 19, 2017