Personal Listening Devices

helping patients with hearing impairments

The Trust has purchased a number of Personal Listening Devices to assist communication between staff and patients with hearing impairments.   There are 20 devices at NDDH and 5 in each community hospital.  The ones at NDDH can be borrowed from switch board.

These are small devices (about the size of a TV remote control or MP3 player) which amplify sound.  They can be used by people with and without hearing aids and really do assist the person with a hearing impairment to communicate more easily.

The Trust has two different makes of devices – Sonido and  Comfort Duett.

Sonido devices use two AA batteries.  Switchboard have a supply of these. The controls on these are larger than on the Duett and may therefore be better for patients who also have a visual impairment.

Duett devices are rechargeable and come with their own charging cradle.  It is the responsibility of each area to keep the device charged while in their area.

Sonido user manual

Duett user manual

Duett brochure

Both devices can have headphones or a neckloop attached to them. Neckloops should be used by those with hearing aids. The hearing aid will need to be switched to the “T position”.

The Sonido boxes are labelled on the outside to indicate whether they have a headphone or neckloop.   If  a Duett device is being used and a neckloop is required, one will need to be obtained from a Sonido box, as the neckloops can be used on either system,.

Full instructions are in the boxes with the device and are also available on this web page. (hyperlink please).  Please ensure instructions are kept with the devices.

Conditions of use

1. All devices must be collected from and returned to switchboard.
2. All devices must be signed for.
3. All devices must be cleaned with a detergent wipe prior to being returned to switchboard after use.
4. All devices should be used for an individual patient and returned to switchboard after the patient has been discharged/leaves outpatients
5. Departments who use the devices are responsible for their safe keeping and may be asked to replace if lost
6. Headphone covers need to be changed after individual patient use.  This will be done by switchboard, when the device is returned to them
7. Switchboard has a supply of batteries for the Sonido devices.  Duett are rechargeable and come with a charging cradle.

Last updated: June 29, 2012