Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

NDHT Nurse, Patient and Doctor taking notes

What are the aims of the service?

  • To listen to your concerns, suggestions, comments or queries
  • To help sort out problems quickly on behalf of patients, carers, or families
  • To provide information on NHS services
  • To advise and support patients, their families and carers

How can you access the service?

  • By telephone 01271 314090
  • By e-mail:
  • In person at the Patient Advice & Liaison Desk on Level 2 at the North Devon District Hospital.
  • By approaching any member of staff in and at North Devon District Hospital, Community Hospitals, or at your GP surgery and they will be happy to put you in touch with the PALS Team.

Who is the service for?

  • For every one of the 160,000 residents of North Devon and any visitors to the area.

PALS provide a service to help patients and public find their way around the NHS and help them deal with any problems they might encounter.

Jayne Kruszewski, Customer Relations Manager said:

“The Patients Advice & Liaison Service provides confidential advice and support, helping people to sort out any concerns they have about their care, and guiding them through the different services available from the NHS. We act independently when handling patient and family concerns, liaising with staff, managers and, where appropriate, relevant organisations, to negotiate immediate or prompt solutions. If necessary, we can also refer patients and families to specific local or national-based support agencies.”


Last updated: February 8, 2018