No Smoking


Please do not smoke in the hospital building, grounds or car parks, as they are all smoke-free

We want to help people stop smoking. Why not call your Local Stop Smoking Service (One Small Step) on 01392 908139 or visit the OneSmallStep website or see your GP before coming into hospital? The benefits begin the minute you stop smoking. If you need advice on giving up while in hospital, please talk to your nurse.

In exceptional circumstances, patients might be permitted to smoke in a designated area. Please ask the ward manager for information.

Use of electronic cigarettes

Anyone on site seen using an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) as a substitute to smoking will be asked to stop.

E-cigarettes have similar characteristics to real cigarettes and as such their use would condone smoking as being acceptable on site.

Both the World Health Organisation and the Department of Health have expressed caution on their use and further tests are set to be undertaken.

The Trust strongly recommends that people trying to stop smoking use effective evidence-based methods, such as those available via the NHS Stop Smoking Service –

Last updated: July 10, 2019