The NHS’s Commitment to You & Monitoring for equal opportunities

The NHS’s Commitment to You

We will:

  • Offer you a clear explanation of your condition, and arrange help if you do not speak English or have hearing problems
  • Discuss your treatments and procedures with you
  • Describe any potential benefits and risks of treatment, and discuss alternatives
  • Ask you for your fully-informed consent to any operation, procedure or treatment
  • Keep the information in your records confidential, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Give you the opportunity to see your patient records if you wish, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Work with other organisations involved in your care and share information about you only for your benefit and as necessary, removing identifying details where we can
  • Always treat you with dignity and respect
  • Keep your relatives or carers informed of your progress, if you wish
  • We welcome comments about our services. There are a number of ways to give feedback – these include speaking to one of our patient experience volunteers, filling in a feedback form or going online to to let us know what you think about the care you received.

Monitoring for equal opportunities

The Trust needs to ask patients their ethnic origin as a legal duty under the Race Relations (Amendment Act) 2000. The Trust is also preparing for future legislative changes, which are likely to include questions about religion, sexuality and disability. This is to make sure that all the services we offer are accessible to all, fair and easy to use.

By answering these questions you can help us see where there might be gaps in our service, and make sure the service you get is right for you. It is your choice whether or not to answer.

By collecting this information we will be able to see which communities live in North Devon and Torridge and make sure our staff have the necessary skills to care for all the patients we serve. For example, we can ensure that we have the correct interpreters available when needed.

This data is kept confidential and is only seen by staff who are approved to use it, so they can make changes to services.

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Code of conduct

The code of conduct leaflet outlines expected standards and behaviours from both staff and patients.


Last updated: October 3, 2017