Blood Sample Collection Guides

Blood Tube Vacutainer guide (pdf)

Overview of blood tube types and the tests for which they are suitable – produced by the manufacturer of the blood tubes.

Blood Sample Collection Guide (pdf)

A pathology-wide list of blood tests with information on which blood tube to use, how many tubes are required and any other special instructions relevant to each test. Last updated June 2019.

Finger Prick Lancing Device (Unistix 3) Demonstration (video)


Blood & CSF Sample Volume Requirements

Blood sample volume requirements are included as part of the guides listed above. CSF volume requirements are included with the information on collecting CSF specimens (found on the ‘Test Specific Specimen Collection Information’ page ).

We review sample volume requirements:-

  • When the blood sample collection guides are reviewed
  • When a new analyser is installed
  • When a new analytical method is introduced

When there is a change to sample volume requirements, we will inform you by any of the following methods:

  • Testing Times – Pathology Newsletter
  • Pathology Handbook pages on ‘Bob’
  • Email or paper memo
  • Laboratory comments, included when we report pathology results
 NOTE: If printed, information on this page is only valid on day of printing.

Last updated: June 25, 2019